Orange County Residential Property Management provides property management and lease listing services for Dana Point, CA. We offer lease listing services for 5.9%, discounted to 4.9% when your property is under management by OCRPM. We offer management services for single family residences, town homes, condos, and apartments in Dana Point. We also offer discounted management services for owners of a portfolio of properties, multiplexes and apartments in Dana Point. For additional pricing information please see our Pricing page. For more information about our management and leasing services please visit our Management page

Census data for Dana Point:

Dana Point has a population of 33,351. Dana Point had 15,938properties in 2010.

Population 2010: 33,351
Percent Population Under Age 5: 4.7%
Percent Population Under Age 18: 17.9%
Percent Population Graduated High School: 95.2%
Percent Population Graduated College: 46.7%
Mean Time Travel to Work: 28.2 minutes
Total Number of Homes in 2010: 15,938
Median Value of Homes in 2010: $707600
Percentage of Home Ownership: 58.0%
Median Income Per Household: $80133

Dana Point Rental Listings by Month 2013 to 2016

Dana Point Rental List vs Leased Price for 2015 to 2016

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